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Current Projects

Social Cognition & General Psychopathology Study

WHAT: Researchers at Virginia Tech Psychology are seeking participants for a research study (IRB # 23-1296)

WHY: The purpose of this research is to study how people think about themselves and others and relations with mental health

WHO: You may qualify for this research if you are between the ages of 18-25 years old

HOW: Eligible participants will complete a 90-minute online survey

OTHER: Participants will be compensated with a $15 Amazon gift card for their time and effort upon completing the online survey

Click here to complete the survey.

Study Co-PI: Dr. Chloe Hudson

soccog p pic.jpg

Brain & Mental Health Study

More info coming soon!

Toy Brain

Future Study Participation

Are you interested in being contacted by the SPAN Lab about future studies? Fill out the form linked below to be added to our contact list!

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